About This Blog

Welcome to my blog. I believe this is the 593,023,047 blog about weight loss/maintenance written by a non-professional health person in existence. That number may not be official.

I wasn’t, up until recently, going to be the half billionth blog about weight loss. I’d actually determined to never be a blog about weight loss. There are so many of them, I didn’t feel I could add much that hasn’t been said. I mean, yes, I’ve lost 100lbs. It’s a lot. But these days, you barely have to open a browser to see hundreds of inspiring before and after photos. Look! Here’s one!

a picture of me before and after weight loss

Both are me! 2003 me and 2016 me. As you can see my glasses got far more hipster in the intervening years. It may be a side affect of the weight loss.

What changed? Well, time passed. And it passed without me gaining the weight back. Specifically, nine years this fall will have passed since I stood on the scale and saw I’d lost 100lbs. That’s a lot of time, almost a decade.

At the same time as I was not gaining back all the weight, new studies were coming out about weight, weight gain, and how our bodies work. Long story short, we have appeared to have gotten a lot of stuff wrong. Especially in regards to what makes us fat and why some of us get fatter than others.

The tipping point for me was an article about the Biggest Loser contestants regaining all the lost weight. As a long-term maintainer, a lot about this article and the response to it made me have strong feelings (don’t get me started on the show’s doctor blaming the regainers for not exercising over an hour a DAY to keep the weight off — it’s just, arrg, so, arrg, I want to choke him with some lycra exercise pants). My feelings were strong enough that I wrote an article. I know, asking you to go from reading my rantings here, to reading my rantings elsewhere is pretty ridiculous. Welcome to the internet!

Writing the article made me realize that as a long-term maintainer I did have something to say and some perspective you can only get from living it for years. I’ve learned some things over all this time that I wish I’d known sooner. Ways of looking at weight loss, food, and maintenance that I really believe can help more people become long-term success stories.

four pictures showing me before my weight loss and maintaining the loss over the years from 2007 to 2016
I know in the age of Photoshop this proves nothing, but this is me maintaining over the years. Ignore the hair in 2010, I don’t know what I was thinking.

In this blog I’m going to share everything I can think of that’s helped me manage my obesity. It’s probably going to be a bit of a brain dump. It’s going to be different in many ways from what you’ve been told is true. Nothing I’m going to tell you will be easy, or fast, or painless, but it’s really worked for me. I’ve bucked the odds and you can too. You just have to unlearn all the wrong stuff we’ve all been taught, and accept this difficult, but possible, process for what it is: a lifetime commitment.

A lot of people, including me ten years ago, feel doomed to a lifetime of being overweight. Everything has failed them. I’ve learned we are doomed, but only to the struggle, we are not doomed to losing the struggle. I’m doing it, you can do it, and I hope in this blog I can give you some tools you can use to win in the long run.

Welcome to the club, I wish you great success.


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