That time I got interviewed by Half Size Me

Half Size Me is a fantastic podcast that a coworker brought to my attention, and then, brought me to their attention. Heather Robertson, the host, knows full well about weight struggles having lost (and maintained) 170lbs. Her message of making maintainable changes is one of my core beliefs, and really the only way to keep weight off. If you’re looking for realistic weight loss counsel, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

And you can start with my interview! I’m pretty much as long-winded when I talk as when I write, but Heather was a wonderful interviewer and we talked about long term maintenance, accepting unfairness, and what it really takes to be successful at this. I had a blast.

I don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to me until now to post about this, it was probably the thing that nudged me over the line to have my own blog. Just because I design websites for a living is clearly not an indicator that I know what I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “That time I got interviewed by Half Size Me

  1. Kate, I loved your interview with Heather! I lost both of my parents to cancer in 2012. I took care of both of them right until the end and dealt with everything that came with their passing….it’s not the reason for my having become 225+ pounds but it surly was a factor, as I chose to ignore the effects of comforting myself with food! Anyway, I’m also from the midwest…MN. I find that the winters are hard to maintain the journey for some reason. I lost 58 pounds and now have gained it all back because I stopped listening to the HSM podcast and putting health front and center. You are right…it’s a chronic condition! BUT, I jumped back on and was catching up on missed episodes and heard yours and was so happy to hear your perspectives! Thanks!


    1. Hi Lorna, I’m so glad you liked the interview! Aside from cringing at my rambling, it’s really helped me maintain my weight to think of it as a chronic health issue that is unfair (as all chronic health issues are), but manageable (albeit hard work). Also, when I start to feel like a failure, I remind myself that I wouldn’t beat myself up for any other chronic medical condition, so I shouldn’t for this either! And I celebrate even the smallest victories.

      I’m so very sorry to hear about your parents. Care taking is so tremendously emotionally and physically difficult, I never understood until I lived it with my mom. One of the hardest things is that it’s not “over” when people die. That’s like a nuclear bomb of grief, but then you have years of nuclear winter fallout to deal with. I gained about 25lbs after mom died, which took me about 4 years to get around to losing again. Please be kind and forgive yourself for being totally human and having only so much you can have energy for. You are the most wonderful, loving person for taking care of your parents.

      That said, I’m glad you’re feeling recovered enough to get back to taking care of yourself! HSM is a fantastic resource, and Heather lives with this condition too, so she knows. I wish you all the luck, remember to be kind to yourself, and that you’re not alone 🙂


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